Fast Charging Your iPhone With Lightning Cable Fast Charging Cords iPhone Cable

Fast Charging Your iPhone With Lightning Cable Fast Charging Cords iPhone Cable

iPhone and iPad cables have a habit of vanishing or breaking right when you need them. Fast charging allows you to charge your phone at a faster rate by using a greater voltage or current. Fast Charging Your iPhone With Lightning Cable Fast Charging Cords iPhone Cable

The USB-C port is widely available in devices of different sizes and styles. USB-C enables data transmission and power delivery simultaneously. Unlike the Micro USB port, both USB-C and Lightning ports are reversible. Micro USB connections have an up and down orientation, but USB-C and Lightning connections do not. Moreover, if the cable has two type-C connections the cable is also fully reversible, which is very convenient.

Iphone charger lightning cable wholesale, Apple Charger Perfect Compatibility, The Apphone Apple MFi certified chip ensures that the cable can output safe and effective current to the device. The iPhone charging cable is made of high-quality copper wire and can accept 2.4A current for fast charging and 480 Mbps/s fast data transfer.

Lightning ports were once ubiquitous across Apple’s iPhone and iPad line-up. While they remain a standard feature on all iPhones, it is now only the standard iPad that uses a Lightning port for charging and data transfer, with all other current-generation iPads instead favouring a USB-C port. To cater to everyone’s needs, we have selected both USB Type-C to Lightning and Type-A to Lightning cables. You can pick depending on your requirements and which type of port is available on your charging brick.

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For as much as we enjoy the iPhone line of smartphones, we can’t in good conscience say that the official charging cables provided are always guaranteed to last the life cycle of the device itself. Fortunately, there are many companies that make exceptional, and in many cases affordable, replacements to the standard-issue charging cable, with some even being wireless. For your convenience, we’ve selected the 11 best iPhone charger cables. Give them a try to replace your old charging cable that came with the iPhone box—or at least to witness how third-party charging cables can surpass the master. For iPhones and older iPads that use the Lightning port, you can buy a cable that has a Lightning jack at one end and either full-size USB-A or the smaller USB-C connector at the other. Which you choose will depend partly on charging speed, and partly on the device to which you intend to plug in your iPhone or iPad.

You’re probably thinking of buying a cable that is not too expensive, charges fast, is immune to damage, will not slip from its plug, and also looks good enough to go on your nightstand. Apphone’s Lightning cable is the one. It won’t drastically improve your lifestyle or routine, but hey, if your life is already in a good place


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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