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Samsung Charger Cable Type C Wholesale

A high-quality USB C cable offers the best connectivity for your mobile devices. Wholesale USB Charging Cable – Select 2022 high quality Wholesale USB Charging Cable products in best price, Data/Charging Cable- Apphone Samsung Charger Cable Type C Wholesale

When USB-C ports first started appearing on phones and laptops, we rejoiced because finally the days of trying to plug the cable in upside down were over. Unlike old-school USB-A or, worse, MicroUSB, the USB-C connector is reversible, so both ways are the right way. syncing data (up to max 5Gbps) and charging (at 3A maximum) safely at high speed, meanwhile, having good compatibility with USB 3.0 port.

Moving phones between different chargers, even of the same current and voltage ratings, often won’t produce the same charging speeds. The Type C cable keeps away from daily kinking, bending, and environmental damage with a good-looking appearance made by metal case and nylon braided jacket. Sturdy and extremely durable cable.

Jump down to our USB-C and Thunderbolt cables buying advice, or scroll on for our top USB-C cable recommendations. There are a lot of cheap cables out there but we’ve stuck with trusted brands as a poor cable can be a hazard to your equipment and can even pose a fire risk. In our opinion, it’s worth spending a little more to buy a cable your can trust.

USB Type-C Cable Fast Charging

USB Type C port is the newest USB Type to take over the tech world and, by all accounts, it is here to stay. You may be asking yourself – what is USB-C, what makes it so special and exactly how it different from its predecessors? We’re here to answer all of your questions. Will a higher watt fry my phone? Assume you have a 20-watt iPhone and want to charge it with a 30-watt charger. Your smartphone will only take up to the amount of power that it can use from the 30W charger, which in this example is 20W. For example, plugging a 20W phone into a 20W charger will charge the phone fine. Plugging a 20W phone into a 20W fast-charger will charge the phone much faster.

Apphone usb cable factory direct sales, 15 years of experience, a variety of types of support customization, factory price, quality, delivery and service to make many customers satisfied, and strive to provide more users with more high quality high quality usb data line. USB-C will soon do away with all proprietary power adapters and USB cables in a call to unify all devices once and for all. It has the ability to transfer data, provide power, transmit audio and video, and power HDMI devices.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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