Best USB-C cables in 2022- Apphone USB cable manufacturers in China

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The connectors of the USB Type-C cable are a tad larger than the familiar.Choose Quality Usb Type-c Manufacturers,Suppliers.USB Type-C has three functions:data packet transmission,instant video and audio transmission,and power supply.It can connect various types of peripherals through an interface,greatly simplifying the design of electronic products,and also providing convenience for users. Best USB-C cables in 2022- Apphone USB cable manufacturers in China

Only the Type-C interface using a USB 3.1 protocol has a faster transmission speed.Due to the Alternate Mode,USB cables are also supposed to have safeguards put in place to prevent damage,which in the early days wasn’t always the case.Apphone manufacture high quality USB charging and data cables and provide professional USB connection solutions for mobile phones,computers and other electronic devices.With direct shipment from the factory and sufficient stock,we can lower costs,speed up delivery and build relationships with our customers.

The connectors of the USB Type-C cable are a tad larger than the familiar micro USB Type-B connector,which until recently was used in most devices available on the market.A huge advantage of the latest version of the USB connector is that its shape is perfectly symmetrical.This means that the plug also works correctly when rotated by 180 degrees.This is a major convenience for users of electronic equipment.This shape makes the plug much more resistant to damage caused by incorrect insertion into the socket.This is a huge advantage over the micro USB connector.What’s more,the USB-C standard also offers many other advantages.Its data transfer is 10 times faster than the previous generation of USB.And the charging power that can be achieved is 50%greater than with micro USB cables.

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USB good quality product recommendation:Super fast charging time,conforming to the USB Type C Specification version 1.1,56kilohm,standard identification,which ensures a safe charging at 3.0A Maximum.No damage to your legacy USB hub;Perfect 6 feet long cord,enjoying the data sync&charge anywhere and anytime.The cable has a durable nylon braided design with premium aluminum housing and sturdy nylon fiber cover adds premium durability to the cable,which makes it easily survive everyday usage and gives it a more stylish and elegant appearance that goes great with your expensive

USB is usually recognized for the type of cables and connectors,and not the protocol itself.Many electronic devices come with their own inbuilt cable.For example,Apple designed the Lightning connector,to charge and connect low power accessories like iPhones and iPads.However,in the USB domains,other types of standard connectors are used.These USB connectors have been increasingly replacing other types as charging cables of portable devices.As they became more popular among devices,other connectors became more frequent,confusing the USB landscape.A connector(the end of a plug)has prolonged connecting pins that fit into a mating socket called a receptacle(jack or port).The most seen receptacles are USB Type A,Type B,Mini-A,Mini-B,Mini-AB,Micro-B,and Micro-AB.

We want to provide customers all over the world with the highest quality products.By doing so,we put our products through rigorous internal and external testing.It is also very important for users to choose a good type-c data cable in daily life.Apphone has 15 years of professional data cable customized production,rich experience,any questions about daily use,welcome to consult. Data line production and research and development are also facing opportunities and challenges, Apphone electronics factory closely follow the forefront of technology, continuous innovation, manufacturing good quality.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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