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USB-C-sometimes called USB Type C-is the latest and greatest version of the common USB(Universal Serial Bus)connector.There’s a common misconception that all USB-C cables are essentially the same,and that differences are mostly gimmicks and a way to mark up prices.The highlight of the USB Type-C interface is a slimmer design,faster transmission speed(up to 10Gbps)and more powerful power transmission(up to 100W).Best USB-C cables for Transferring data-Apphone type c cable Manufacturer

The USB-C port is found on new smartphones,computers,laptops,and tablets for home and business use.USB-C is a powerhouse of a port capable of transferring files,charging devices,and even carrying video to monitors.You can find USB-C docking stations,USB-C chargers,USB-C adapters,and USB-C monitors.Simply put,a USB-C cable is a one-cable solution for every connection need.

Many of the cables we tested were within spec or close enough that it didn’t matter,since there’s likely even more resistance we’re not able to account for with our method.Wrong.After testing more than a dozen USB-C cables,we can say with certainty they are not all the same.We observed huge performance differences among cables in transferring data and charging devices.the cable was able to charge our laptop at 100 watts,and offered the best voltage and lowest resistance thanks to the wires Cable Matters uses.Type-C reversible connector simplifies the connection.Plug and unplug easily without checking the orientation.

Best USB-C cables

For this roundup,we purchased retail USB-C cables for our testing.We physically measured and weighed each cable and examined each connector.A proper USB-C cable should use a one-piece shell rather than a folded shell with a visible seam in it.None of the cables we purchased used the lower-strength folded shells.Get quality and durability with the braided cable design.Use the included cable management tie strap for tidy storage and organization.With charge and sync compatibilities,you can use this cable multiple ways.The introduction of the USB-C connector coincided with the launch of USB 3.0,which upped data transfer to 5Gbps.

USB-C’s one-cable-for-it-all approach even includes power and charging.We do want to point out that weight does tend to matter.All cables are essentially tiny metallic wire strands bound together with insulation.Sure,the connector,housing,braiding,and outer shell all factors in its weight,but lighter-duty cables literally have fewer wires and are far lighter.The factory here specializes in production,and the products have undergone strict quality inspections to provide you with good product use consulting services.


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