Apple mfi certified cable- best Apphone iphone charging port type

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When we buy Apple charging, if we want to use the original data cable, we should contact to buy PD fast charging head. The second is to pay attention to whether there is an MFI logo officially certified by Apple when purchasing such products. If there is no MFI logo, it is likely to hurt the iPhone. The most obvious impact is to affect the health of the battery. Apple mfi certified cable– best Apphone iphone charging port type

But some Lightning cables are built to withstand the abuse they’re subjected to every day. Here are our top picks for the most durable iPhone charger cables, all of which are certified by Apple via the MFi compatibility program. USB-C is quickly becoming the global standard and likely already integrated into your devices.

USB-C to Lightning supports Apple fast charging—that means you can charge your iPhone from 0–50% in 30 minutes when plugged into an 18W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) wall charger. This USB to Lightning cable lets you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to sync your device with your media library and charge it. These high-quality and wear-resistant iPhone charging cords are made of top-rated material and coated with premium TPE life is 4 times longer than other iPhone cables and tested to withstand over 20000 bend in strict laboratory tests.

The USB-C connector is becoming dominant on newer devices and is smaller and sleeker by comparison. The latest iPhones come with USB-C–to–Lightning cables, as Apple and the tech industry at large are shifting away from the older USB-A connectors. Lightning now faces the limitations of the technology. The connector used in the iPhone is still based on the USB 2.0 standard, which is much slower than USB 3.0. In an era of 4K ProRes video that results in huge files, Lightning has become a nightmare for Pro users. It also lacks the super fast charging speeds that USB-C supports.
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USB C was the single connector chosen for all peripheral and charging activities on the newest MacBook, and as Apple is making the claim that our iPads can be productivity devices, a standard connector across all devices makes some sense. USB Type C is the new kid on the block, but it’s already easy to find high quality cables for less than what Apple charges.

Which cable design offers the better feature set? Which connector has more longevity? A Lightning cable’s most basic function is to charge your iPhone. Depending on when and where you charge, and whether you tend to keep using the phone while it’s charging, you may want a shorter or longer cable.

Like Micro USB, USB C cables receive the pins from a tab built into the port in your phone. Lightning cables are tabs with exposed pins. If you have an iPhone XS or later, your phone can detect liquid in your Lightning port. When it does, your iPhone might display a Charging Not Available error that says “Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector.”


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