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We spend so much time on our phones, one of our biggest concerns is keeping them charged. PD charging kits are the future of Apple, buy them with confidence. It can be used on newer models and will not be out of date in a few years. At present, many of the ones purchased are C to L, and the chargers only buy those that support PD. I recently bought online a charging cable for my iPhone. In the description of the item, the seller wrote “Apple Brand”, which is what I was trying to purchase. apple brand lightning cable– Apple Charging Power cable Factory wholesale

They’re known as lightning cables and they seem to be available everywhere we go now from gas stations to drug stores, and when you’re down to a low battery, you might just grab what’s convenient. But many people don’t realize that in some cases that move could end up doing some serious damage to your phone.
apple brand lightning cable for iphone charger
The lightning data wires are protected against static electricity, and all products are tested for high voltage, which will not cause safety hazards during leakage.When the mobile phone is working while charging, there will be no adverse conditions that reflect sluggishness. Withstand any twist, tug, and tangle with premium braided nylon fiber. And PowerLine+ II’s elite internal components are built to last year after year, charge after charge.

 Reasons for recommending USB-C to Lightning (with PD charger):

1. Support fast charging, buy a C to L data cable, and match it with a PD charger of dozens of pieces, you can achieve fast charging, and the current price is very cheap.

2. The wire is thicker and stronger. The C to L data cable will be much thicker than ordinary Lightning, more durable, and will not be out of date in the short term.

The most easily damaged part of the Apple data cable is often at the position of the connector, that is, the rubber near the connector is cracked and the wires inside are exposed. The interior is divided into aluminum foil shielding layer, metal shielding layer, international four-color wire and strong tension protection wire. The aluminum foil shielding layer is an insulation treatment to ensure the safety of the iPhone when charging; Apple also wraps a layer of metal mesh around the wire in order to increase the toughness of the data cable, which extends to the protective rubber ring of the data cable connector position, but the four wires used for charging and data transmission will be soldered to different positions of the data cable interface respectively, so after the wires are separated, the metal mesh can no longer wrap the wires, resulting in the connector position of the Apple data cable becoming its most prone to problems.

There is a little protective chip inside Apple approved lightning cables that guards your iPhone from a power surge or potentially overheating. Apphone has always paid attention to creative lines, multi-functional charging cables, etc., such as Apple and Android dual-purpose cables, two-in-one, three-in-one charging cables, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy data cables and other products. Professional manufacturing and processing plants, fast delivery to Overseas, there are many preferential prices, and the product quality has been strictly tested. If you have any use problems, you can contact us.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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