6FT USB Type C Cable Fast Charging- Apphone usb cable OEM

6FT USB Type C Cable Fast Charging

USB is an industry standard for cables and connectors. Type-C interface has increasingly shaped up the standard of USB, display, and charging port thank to its multiple functions and compact size, and now could be easily found in electronic devices such as smartphone, pad, laptop, and devices that require charging. 6FT USB Type C Cable Fast Charging– Apphone usb cable OEM

The USB-C connector itself is not a bad idea, in fact, I really like the connector. A reversible, highly reliable connector is a great thing not just for mobile devices but for pretty much everything. It’s what you’ll need for a fast charger or to charge a tablet. Some computers hold to the specification and supply only 5 watts. That amount of current will charge your phone and not much else.

Usb-c cable fast charge

Most consumers, in my experience at least, have no clue about what’s going on with their USB-C ports, and even less of a clue why stuff does or doesn’t work when they plug it in. Never mind that thanks to its use on laptops in lieu of dedicated (and in some cases better, such as MagSafe) connectors it’s basically becoming a glorified charging cable in many respects.

Besides, productivity and remaining in the workflow are also heavily dependent on having enough screen space, and USB-C provides just that. Work aside, USB-C monitors bring forth a high-quality home cinema experience. Apphone 90 DEGREE CONNECTOR & SNUG FIT– Our braided nylon charging cable features a 90-degree, right angle connector instead of a straight end connector, allowing you to comfortably view your phone in landscape mode to watch a movie or scroll through media in full screen view. The slim metal connector has a snug and secure fit in your phone’s charging port, even through a bulky phone case.

Unlike Type-A interface, Type-C has a reversible connector, which enables users to plug-in without hesitation and avoid damage owing to repeated and incorrect plugging. Aside from transferring data, Type-C could also support versatile protocols by “Alternate Modes” or “Thunderbolt” to output the signal of DisplayPort, HDMI etc., which is a key element aiding the development of modern and thin-and-light laptops. If the USB group is to be believed, the type-C connector is the future connector of the USB interface. It’s already making substantial inroads in Android phones for power and sync. It’s also starting to become the standard interface for camera gear.

USB’s primary aim is indicated by the universal of the title. That is, it originally hoped to standardize communication and power sources for computer peripherals. This universality has only recently come close to reality with USB-C, but even the initial iterations greatly improved earlier connection technologies. Before USB, users had to contend with an array of different, bulky cables and connectors, such as parallel, serial, VGA, and PS/2 ports for keyboards and mice, which notoriously had the same form factor but were not functionally interchangeable.


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