2M USB C Fast Charge Cable- Apphone Best type c cable oem


USB cables find usage in a variety of electronic systems today. Numerous physical configurations and pin numbers are proof of their wide breadth of applications. 2M USB C Fast Charge Cable– Apphone Best type c cable oem

It was made so you grandmother can plug in a keyboard without knowing the intricacy of serial communications, device mapping and drivers. USB is fast, has ultra low latency but works best over short distances. This Apphone Fast Charging USB C Cords is designed with extremely durable nylon braided and premium aluminum housing to provide maximum reliability and durability. It has been tested to withstand at least 15000+ bending tests and it is tangle-free. This flexible and durable braided nylon USB C fast charging cable has a longer service life.

USB Type C Cables of 2022 PD Fast Charge Nylon Braided

The USB type C is reversible and can be plugged in either way – upside or downside. Also, the advantage being its size, it can fit into the smallest of devices and supports bi-directional power, it can work in reverse way for charging peripheral and host devices. Usb c cable fast charger oem, There is no single standardized USB-C cable. Each cable is tailored for its specific application and electronically identified. High current applications require thicker gauge copper. Cable length also limits application due to power loss and signal attenuation at high data rates.

The C Type can be used for both charging and data transfer, and also supports four-channel audio and DisplayPort video. Since it is reversible, it is compatible with many modern devices including the Nintendo Switch, Pixel phones, MacBook, and many new smartphones, and laptops. For some reason, the entire 3d printing community has convinced itself that it needs to use CAN bus connections for everything. The next time you go looking for a USB cable to plug in your Iconoclast or Expanse, you should be aware that not all USB cables are the same. Some USB cables are for charging only and will not pass data.

My pet peeve has long been that no matter how many newer devices you have with USB-C, you still end up with a mess of cables and adapters because the hubs are still USB-A. Each device needs a different cable depending on whether you’re plugging into your hub or your laptop.


We have been committed to exploring the production of better quality data cables, and have now become a professional data cable manufacturer.

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